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Hitachi ZX250LCN-5

While the ZX870 raised the bar and set a new standard, the ZX250-5 has surpassed it with excellent attention to detail. Hitachi Zaxis ZX250LCN-5 tracked excavator from TMCScaleModels The cabin interior is almost life-like with every aspect modelled, from the safety cut-off lever and joystick controls integrated into the armrests to the foot controls, side display screen with decorated surface and metal safety rails inside the cabin. The opening door has tiny printed labels with inside grab rail for true realism. The engine cover can be raised to reveal the internal engine and cooling components which have been authentically painted with photo-etched safety screens clearly visible. The upper engine housing has inset photo-etched plates with a textured anti-slip surface which look great and small safety markings have been printed on the counterweight. The hydraulic piping fitted to the model is very nicely done, with all the fixed piping raised from the boom with silver connection valves and flexible hoses fitted to the hydraulic cylinders which have a very smooth operation with enough friction to hold any position chosen. Armoured hosing has also been added along with an auxiliary feed for attachments. Another nice feature is the removable bucket, allowing aftermarket attachments to be fitted. The undercarriage frame has tensioned idler wheels keeping the linked tracks taut with a nice smooth rolling movement. The surface detail is good with inside structural frame detailing and printed markings. The paint finish is to a very high standard with crisp printing of the Hitachi markings and machine designation, topped with small safety labels on the rear counterweight and stick. Excellent replication of the hydraulic piping and armoured flexible hoses.


Hitachi ZX470LCH-5

TMC Scalemodels has not been resting on their laurels and has been busy working on their next release, the Hitachi ZX470-5. Again the level of detail and realism is truly exceptional.

The undercarriage frame has the lower roller detailing cast into the track frames with access ladders fixed to each side, complete with ridged anti-slip top surfaces. The idler wheels are tensioned keeping the individually linked tracks taut while the three upper rollers are free-rolling. The drive wheels have bolt fixing details highlighted on the final drive housings with the tracks also showing bolt head detailing on each dual grouser pad. The body casting highlights all the ridges of the door panels and covers with two opening upper covers with two opening upper covers revealing the internal engine compartment which houses the replicated diesel engine.

The side grill panel slots allow a glimpse of the internal radiator panel with black highlighted anti-slip panels located on the upper engine bay surfaces. All the safety railings and grab rails are produced in metal and accurately scaled while fine metal handles are attached to the engine covers and inside the opening cabin door. A service platform is fixed along the side of the upper carriage with a photo-etched walkway for added realism while access steps behind the cabin lead to the upper engine area. The cabin interior has been authentically modelled and painted in a two-tone grey with the Hitachi name printed on the seat bck and a side console housing the monitoring display screen. The joystick controls are mounted to the integrated armrests,complete with safety hydraulic shut-off lever while the flooring has a ridged surface texture with foot controls and steering levers. The Hydraulic hoses and piping throughout the model are really well executed with all fixed piping raised from the boom with armoured flexible hoses fitted to the stick and bucket cylinders. The stick has auxiliary hydraulic lines on both sides hinting at a possible future model with powered attachment.


Hitachi ZX250LC-6

While the latest Dash 6 version of the ZX250LC tracked excavator replica is an update to the previous release, it has been started from the ground up with all-new tooling which is an interesting choice from TMC. Being all-new, there are a host of small differences between the two models, the most noticeable are the changes to the engine compartment which has a new design to cater for the emission regulation technology. Another instantly noticeable difference is the fitting of a wide grading bucket rather than a toothed digging bucket and this alone gives the model an interesting appearance.

The tracked undercarriage has plenty of surface detailing on the track frames with the lower rollers integrated into the tooling. The drive wheels and final drive casings are nicely finished and the idlers are sprung to keep a good tension on the individually linked track chain. Markings are used to replicate the warning labels which is good to see and the track pads are of a triple grouser design, complete with raised bolt heads on each pad.

The main body has a mixture of surface engraved grills and a photo-etch plate with printing used to highlight the anti-slip mats on the upper deck area. The new style engine compartment has a pair of covers which can be raised independently, revealing the internal engine bay which has a replicated engine block, exhaust silencer and piping from the radiator. All the safety railings are accurately scaled and incorporate safety mirrors with printing used to highlight the panel catch locks.

TMC Scalemodels go the extra mile when it comes to adding detail, and the ZX250LC-6 is no exception with a fully furnished cabin interior and 180 degree opening door. Interior detailing includes a two-tone grey decoration with all hand and foot controls replicated, not forgetting the Hitachi name printed on the seat back. Grab rails, mirrors, screen wiper and sun visor have all been added to the exterior of the cabin.

The monoboom and stick once again fully capture the range of movement of the full-sized machine with all hydraulic cylinders piped up with hydraulic lines, including armoured hoses, fixed pipework produced from orange coloured plastic and flexible black hoses. Auxiliary lines have been added and I think the wide grading bucket works well as an alternative to a toothed bucket.

Hitachi ZX140W-6

The ZX140W-6 is the first wheel loader that TMC Scalemodels have produced with high levels of detail and functionality throughout.

The main body has surface engraving of the cooling grills which are highlighted with black printing with an upper hinged engine cover opening to reveal the interior engine compartment where the engine block and associated components are placed. All safety railings are produced from metal and have integrated rear view and safety mirrors with engraved body panels and highlighted door catches adding to the realism.

The cabin has once again received plenty of attention, with the door able to open a full 180 degrees for true realism while the interior is a combination of light colour panelling with the seat, joysticks, foot controls and steering wheel all present. Small details like the grab handles, hydraulic cut-off and inner safety bars are all there while the exterior of the cabin has grab rails, screen wiper and rubber seals around the edges of the windows.

The undercarriage features a blade at one end and a pair of outriggers at the other, with a steering axle and one fixed axle which are fitted with double-style tyres that have an authentic moulded tread pattern. The hydraulics for the outriggers do not offer much resistance so it is not possible to raise the wheels off the ground and the blade, while having all the hydraulic detailing and hinged cover plate does not have much height adjustment.

The two-piece boom has an authentic range of movement throughout with plenty of detailing for the hydraulic feeds, both fixed piping on the back of the boom and flexible piping connecting up the cylinders. Armoured hoses have been added between boom and stick which look good and auxiliary circuits have also been modelled, ideal for anyone wanting to add aftermarket attachments.


Hitachi ZW180-6

The ZW180-6 is a mid-sized wheel loader which has been accurately produced in 1:50th scale. The cabin has a fully furnished interior which can be seen through the clear glazing. Unlike with the Hitachi excavators, the cabin doors do not open however there is plenty of fine detail including metal grab handles and access steps. What does open are the two large side engine panels which lift up to reveal a very detailed engine bay interior with everything added, from the main engine block and rear cooling radiator housing to the hydraulic fluid cooler, complete with associated pipework. The silver finished exhaust silencer, air intake and even filler bottle are modelled with precision while the vents integrated into the side panels are produced from a very fine mesh photo-etch part which really does look realistic.

The articulating chassis has a good range of steering movement and includes a driveshaft across the articulation point along with the steering cylinders. Hydraulic hose lines have been added, not only to the lift and bucket cylinders, but also two auxiliary lines which are located on the inside of the loader arms, ready to power any aftermarket attachments. Both the lift height and bucket tip are authentic to the original.

Hitachi ZX350LC-6

The ZX350LC-6 is the first machine in the new Dash 6 range from Hitachi to be produced as a scale replica by TMC Scale models. Their previous models have certainly hit the mark in terms of detail levels and realism to the original and the new release is no different with some very nice engineering and attention to detail everywhere you look.

The ZX350LC-6 is a powerful machine, tipping the scales around the 35 ton mark and powered by an Isuzu 6HKI 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final / Stage IV emission compliant diesel engine delivering 271hp. Starting with the undercarriage, the track frames have the lower roller detailing integrated into the main casting with two upper rollers, two access steps on each side and a number of small markings mimicking those of the full sized machine. The individually linked tracks are kept taut with springs mounted in the frames to extend the idlers while the final drive covers have all the bolt head detailing.

The body casting has indents for the cooling grills which have been highlighted with black printing while the two upper engine covers are hinged and can be opened to reveal the fully populated engine bay. All the safety railings are produced from authentic scaled metal with various safety mirrors while the rear counterweight has a rear-view camera housing along with the lifting eyes. The boom, stick and bucket linkage have a very accurate and full range of movement with raised hydraulic piping terminating with flexible lines and armoured hoses between the boom and stick. An auxiliary hydraulic circuit has been added and all the pin and rivet heads have been painted over. Even the ends of the pistons have been painted orange showing true attention to detail.

One of the most interesting aspects of the model for me is the cabin which not only has a fully modelled interior, complete with drink cup holder, display console, interior panelling, printed warning labels on the inside window, metal grab handles, operator’s seat and the hand & foot controls, but the fact that the door can be opened almost 180 degrees for true realism to the original.


Hitachi ZX490LCH-6

The ZX490LCH-6 tracked excavator replaces the ZX470LCH-5 which is now discontinued. TMC Scalemodels have started again with a completely new set of 3D data and produced everything from scratch which actually results in a number of small differences throughout the model, while the main and obvious differences between the two generations include the upper engine compartment and the extended side panel.

The main body of the model features increased dimensions with a new array of safety railings which are all accurately scaled and made from metal for a quality feel. The upper engine cover has grown with a hinged cover lifting up to reveal the internal engine components while the side grills are slotted, allowing the internal radiator panels to be seen. An access ladder and service platform along one side of the body have been added and the cabin now features a 180-degree opening door with a very detailed, coloured interior which incorporates the driver’s seat with Hitachi branding, joystick levers, tracking levers, pedals and hydraulic safety cut-off lever, not to mention the grab rail and textured floor surface.

The track pads are now triple grouser and rotate nicely with tensioned idler wheels giving just enough resistance. The range of movement of the digging equipment has been captured well which appears to surpass that of the ZX470 while the new routing and implementation of the hydraulic lines again gives the model a different appearance. The bucket is one usually referred to as a sand bucket and has raised panels on the sides with Hitachi branding and a straight cutting edge. Auxiliary hydraulic lines have been added to the stick, allowing a range of aftermarket attachments to be piped up with armoured hoses implemented convincingly.

When the original Hitachi ZX470LCH-5 was released, it highlighted a level of detail not often seen in 1:50th scale models and the updated ZX490LCH-6 carries on the theme with equally impressive levels of detail and realism.

Hitachi ZX300LC-7

The Hitachi ZX300LC-7 fits nicely in the line up between the ZX250-6 and the ZX350-6 models already produced. Once again, the level of detail is to a very high standard, with a European specification tracked undercarriage that has tensioned idler wheels keeping the track chain taut. The lower roller detailing in integrated into the track frame castings and each track pad has raised grousers and bolt detailing.

The large upper engine bay cover is hinged, lifting to reveal the very impressive internals of the engine bay, with the engine block, cooling system and exhaust all replicated. Metal safety railings and black printed anti-slip panels with a raised texture work well, as does the printing of the grill slots on the side panel.

As we look at the cabin, once again, the door can be opened a full 180 degrees to reveal the very impressive interior which leaves nothing to the imagination. From the joysticks, tracking levers and foot controls to the multi-coloured interior, the smallest of details catches the eye.

The boom, stick and bucket linkage have an authentic range of movement with a full compliment of hydraulic line detailing which includes an auxiliary supply on the stick and armoured hoses. All pin heads have been painted, as have the ends of the piston rods while the paint finish is spot on, with accurate placement of the various warning markings and machine designation.


Hitachi ZX890-LCH-7

The ZX890LCH-7 tracked excavator is a long-awaited replacement for the original ZX870 model produced over 10 years ago. The updated design has been accurately captured by TMC Scalemodels, down to the smallest of details.

The configuration consists of a 7.1 m BE boom with 2.95 m BE arm and toothed bucket with raised metal hydraulic lines and armoured flexible hoses adding to the realism. The movement of the cylinders is smooth, with plenty of resistance allowing the boom to remain in the chosen position with the range of movement captured convincingly. The tracked undercarriage is fitted with double-grouser pads with the lower roller details integrated into the track frame castings. Access steps have been added to the track frames and the final drive covers have raised bolt fixing details.

The main body has a fixed counterweight with metal safety railings and a side service platform which has a perforated walkway. Unlike its predecessor, the cabin has a fully opening door with an excellent array of detail, from the driver’s hand and foot controls, side console and seat to the hydraulic cut-off safety lever. External cabin details include the radio antenna, roof and front window debris screens and integrated work lights, complete with silver finished lenses. There is a hinged engine cover that can be lifted to reveal parts of the engine bay while the silver finished radiator panels, complete with textured surface can be seen behind the slotted side panels.

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